Effective government relations in South and Southern Africa




Diplocom serves the international, diplomatic, corporate and non-Governmental communities in South and Southern Africa, using our in depth understanding of effective government relations and public diplomacy to provide a network of opportunities.

Opportunities in South and Southern Africa

South and Southern Africa offer exceptional opportunities for the international community. Political and corporate governance is strengthening, markets are growing and opportunities abound. Yet the political, regulatory, legal, economic, social and indeed cultural environment is complex. A clear understanding and command of all these issues is vital to success.

Diplocom provides the essential experience and skills

Diplocom’s executives and management have over 100 years of collective experience in working with diplomatic, political, development and aid agencies as well as with the media. We offer superb communications skills across a full range of media, reliable political, economic, social and cultural linkages and networks and thorough, rigorous and insightful research capacity.

Government relations, public diplomacy and communications services

We tailor our services to the exact needs of each initiative. They include but are not limited to:

  • Orientation and training of diplomats, international businesspeople, aid agencies
  • Programme communications
  • Issue and crisis communications management
  • Media campaigns and corporate communications
  • Advisory services: political briefings, trade briefings, economics briefings, and cultural briefings
  • Key stakeholder networking
  • Lobbying
  • Media and communications training

Code of ethics

We operate in accordance with a strict code of confidentiality, integrity and ethics.