Effective public diplomacy: providing a network of opportunities





Diplocom provides effective, clear, crisp messaging and communications regarding the programmes, activities, and developments within the diplomatic mission.

Diplocom is the preferred communications, media relations and government relations company for those who are serious about South and Southern Africa because we are able to:

  • Garner a clear, detailed and thorough understanding of the foreign policy, developmental, trade, humanitarian and multilateral objectives of the country being represented.
  • Understand the linkages and alignment between a country’s international, regional and national programmes and objectives.

Diplocom’s executives and management have over 100 years of collective experience in working with diplomatic, political, development and aid agencies in South and Southern Africa as well as with the media.  

Diplocom operates in accordance with a strict code of confidentiality, integrity and ethics. We understand that diplomatic missions are the face, voice and representatives of their countries and that issues of national interest are at stake. 

Our services

Our professional skills include:

  • Superb communications skills across a full range of media.
  • Unbridled reliable political, economic, social and cultural linkages and networks.
  • Thorough, rigorous and insightful research capacity.

A professional, energetic, experienced, dedicated and highly motivated team dedicated to you.

We understand the importance of diplomatic missions to South and Southern Africa and the vast mutual benefit an effective diplomatic mission can deliver.

DIPLOCOM'S services are tailored to the exact needs of each mission, including consuls. These include, but are not limited to:

Orientation, training of diplomats, international businesspeople, aid agencies and NGOs to local politics, policies, history, economy, social conditions, legal and regulatory environments and media landscape.

Programme communications, such as diplomatic appointments and programme launches campaign launches, trade missions, political and heads of state visits.

Issue and crisis communications management:- direct immediate access to key media - editors, journalists and publishers.

Media campaigns and corporate communications:- using the media to communicate national days, cultural exchanges, political and state visits and issues. This includes op-ed pieces in the  print media, web site narratives, brochures and project and program briefings to media with photo opportunities on development aid.

Advisory services:- political briefings, trade briefings, economics briefings, and cultural briefings, tailored to diplomatic mission on an issue-by-issue or regular basis, or tailored to incoming diplomats.

Key stakeholder networking:- Diplocom is plugged into a full range of key stakeholders in South and Southern Africa. Our experience, networks and reliability gets you to who you need to see when you need to see them, in any given sector.

Lobbying:- introductory and networking services with all levels of government, parliament, business, trades union, civil society, and academics/analysts/think tanks.

Training:- media and communications training for missions or individuals within in missions.