Effective government relations in South and Southern Africa


Corporate affairs is not simply public relations and communications, at least not for Diplocom and its clients. For Diplocom, corporate affairs means working with companies, institutions and NGOs to maximise their entire public value proposition. Many companies, institutions and NGOs are, in fact, far better than their public image. We encounter many clients and potential clients, who have not taken the time, made the effort, or lack the wherewithal to demonstrate to their key stakeholders (customers, clients, shareholders, the media, government, their oppositions), just how good they really are! Diplocom works with our clients to convert internal success into stakeholder recognition. This has the overall effect of adding value to the entire company, institution and NGO.

All successful companies, institutions and NGOs understand their operating environment intimately, yet they are confronted constantly by the dual challenges of international change and external change. Failure to anticipate this changing environment and to maximise its opportunities, or diminish its threats, often leads to unwanted and unintended consequences. Diplocom works with companies, institutions and NGOs to ensure that key issues are managed, before they become crises in the public domain. For those companies, institutions and NGOs who have allowed issues to become crises, Diplocom works intensively with our clients to manage these crises in the public domain and to restore the company to normality, credibility and sustainability.

We have a proven track record of success in working with entities that could not see a way out of their looming crises and have now been restored to their rightful place within their respective fields. There is nothing more satisfying to Diplocom than to working with clients who have difficult issues in the public domain and helping them restore their reputation and credibility.