Effective government relations in South and Southern Africa


It is an inconvenient truth, that most companies and institutions will encounter difficulty in dealing with government at some time.

Diplocom works closely and strategically with companies, institutions and NGOs to help them navigate their way through the complex web of legislation, regulation and policy flux that characterises our young democracy. South Africa is dynamic and vital country, brimming with energy and potential, but it also a country grappling with its past and still designing its future. This means that legislative, regulatory and policy flux will be a way of life in our country for many years to come. This can leave even the largest corporates and institutions unsure, unclear and confused about the ‘right interpretation’ of policy, or the ‘correct approach’ to interphase with government, at all levels, including parliament. This is where Diplocom steps in to help.

Through many years of relevant experience, our government affairs specialists work closely and strategically with our clients to prevent problems arising in the first place, solving those that have already arisen and placing clients on a better and sustainable footing with government.

How do we achieve this?

  • We are networked with key stakeholders
  • We identify, map and evaluate all relevant stakeholders in accordance with our clients’ interests
  • We develop roadmaps for aligning strategically our clients’ interests with the legislative, regulatory and policy environment
  • We work with our clients until their interests are secured and ...
  • We deal ethically, honestly and with integrity with all stakeholders and adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and fiduciary responsibility.