Effective government relations in South and Southern Africa


Diplocom is South Africa’s leading exponents of public diplomacy. A famous definition of public diplomacy holds that it is ‘a government’s process of communicating with foreign publics in an attempt to bring about understanding for its nation’s ideas and ideals, its institutions and culture, as well as national goals and priorities’.

Through decades of experience in the diplomatic service, government affairs, parliament, research skills, editorship and advocacy, Diplocom provides diplomatic missions, international institutions, international companies and investors coming to South Africa, the complete platform to maximise their impact and success in our country. Our services include:

  • VIP introductions
  • Networking at all appropriate levels
  • Political, economic, trade and social environment scanning and mapping
  • Parliamentary liaison
  • Communications management
  • Key events hosting

South Africa offers a wealth of opportunity for the international community, in every respect, to work successfully in and partner with our country. Diplocom is the partner of choice in conducting successful public diplomacy in South Africa. Whether you are a diplomatic mission, an international institution, an international investor, an international NGO, or charity entering or already operating in South or southern Africa, you really should be talking to Diplocom.

Our first advisory service is free and our services are totally discreet and confidential.